Mille Alcees Litchi Coated French Apron


Mille Alcees Litchi Coated Apron, 30"x34", 76cmx86cm, 100% Cotton treated with Green Sweet which makes it impervious to stains. Even red wine beads right off. 

Garnier-Thiebaut Green Sweet linens are stain resistant and easy care linens for your table! 100% French made cotton tablecloths and placemats that act like coated products with the rich feel of soft cotton. No need to worry about stains... red wine, tea or any other liquids will bead immediately and are easily wiped away. Garnier Thiebaut's Green Sweet technology wraps each individual cotton fiber yet the finish does not affect the look and feel of the fabric. Just wash in the machine as needed! Don't use the dryer and iron on the reverse side.

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